Overview of the Accreditation in Switzerland

Switzerland has two educational systems: private and public.

STI is part of Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM). SSBM is a private school operating under Swiss law and obtains its accreditation from independent accreditation bodies. Private schools are under the supervision of each regional Swiss canton that is responsible for private sector accreditation and recognition. Private schools in Switzerland do not need to be accredited by Ministry of Education as only public schools have such obligation.
SSBM is registered in Geneva canton, Switzerland under registration number CHE-131.073.981.

Overview of the Accreditation in Other Countries

SSBM is present in several other countries (e.g., Croatia, Ghana, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, etc.) in which SSBM is offering its educational programs either directly or through partnerships with local schools. For example in Ukraine, SSBM works with KROK University which is accredited by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education. In Croatia, SSBM does not have the accreditation from the Ministry of Education but delivers private MBA or DBA diplomas. Our students are encouraged to verify with SSBM the accreditation status for each particular country.

Swiss Notarial Validation

SSBM can ensure that the diploma and transcript of the program of study will be stamped and registered by a Swiss notary.

We are operating under European and American educational standards.


As our programs are taking place online, it is of highest importance to have the state of the art technology.
SSBM is using the same online platform as Harvard and MIT which guarantees premium knowledge delivery to our students.