CodingXCamp is an award winning online coding bootcamp platform.

  • Coding XCamp is a new and innovative way of teaching a new programming language
  • Each student will be followed by a mentor during maximum 12 weeks (will depend on the student speed)
  • Student will select one programming language where they will be coached, guided by the coach/advisor
  • Students will learn anytime, anywhere within a 12 weeks timeframe
  • Learning process will be self-paced – student take an existing learning course (links provided by the advisor) and start learning on their own
  • There is an initial offline kick off meeting 
  • To build the community regular meetings are organized: either online of offline
  • Each student will have to deliver a mini programming project
You will learn one of more of the following languages

Visual Basic .NET





C Sharp





Front-end (HTML/CSS/JS)

At the end, you will get certified by STI


Teaching as a Service (TaaS)

Choice to learn one or more out of 10 languages

Self-paced e-learning: Anytime/Anywhere/Anyplace – XCamp

Community building: social collaboration & motivation

Goal / Skills / project oriented assessment

Learning Analytics: Learning and skills objectives approach

Fully integrated & automated online compiler system

Gamified learning platform: levels, scoring, levels, etc.

Shop: spend earned by points

Mentor’s feedback: review of student code with instant feedback

Online and Offline events: students had an option to attend coding events to get help

XCamp is about creating meaningful interactions to motivate group learning, social engagement, and mentor-to-individual interactions.

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Rue de Chantepoulet 10
1201 Genève


Croatia campus
+385 (1) 4668 818

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