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We provide Swiss Quality education and help you succeed in your career. We are Experts in technology education.

Swiss Technology Institute (STI) is part of the Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM). STI provides top-notch technology education. 

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Take a virtual tour and discover STI a brand of Swiss School of Business and Management, through this video. Our diversity, faculty and collaborations make us unique and globally successful. 

Why Choose STI?
Our Faculty
Project based learning

Why Choose STI?

Swiss Technology Institute is a truly innovative technology knowledge provider that aims at taking education to a new level!
We aim at providing a superior learning experience that will have a direct impact on your professional development.
With our unique programs you will acquire technology knowledge that will enable you to become information technology professional.

Our Programs

Our programs were designed in partnership with leading technology international companies ! 

We believe that the knowledge comes from having strong ties with industry leaders. That is why we have partnered with some of the leading international companies to design programs that are adapted to IT realities.

Our programs will provide you with the state-of-the art knowledge and make you ready for the job market.

Our Faculty

Our faculty is world renowned and in average majority of them have worked for over 15 years in various international companies. This fact helps us in our objective of providing a superior learning experience that will have a direct impact on your professional development.

Project based learning

We strongly believe that the best way to learn is by delivering, executing and implementing projects. That is why at the Swiss Technology Institute (STI), the entire curriculum is based on the “project-based learning” which will not only considerably improve your learning outcomes but will be the key differentiating point on the job market.

Swiss Quality

STI provides Swiss Quality Education


STI uses best in class technology to deliver its educational offerings


STI provides educational excellence, personal and professional growth