Adina Grecu

“It is a great experience and I truly appreciate this chance that I have received, to study at SSBM Geneva, one of the top 10 European Business Schools offering online MBAs”. Adina Grecu, Head of Digital & Online Marketing , Switzerland LinkedIn Profile  

Katarina Lasic

Undoubtedly, I am very proud of my excellent experience with SSBM

Alex E. Asampong

“SSBM is highly efficient regarding information, assistance and all tools one needs to accomplish study successfully. Undoubtedly, I am very proud of my excellent experience with SSBM”. Alex E. Asampong, Lecturer Utrecht University, Netherlands LinkedIn Profile  

David Annan

“It was a great experience and I want to thank entire SSBM for an amazing support during my thesis. I’m also proud to be part of DBA mentors after I finished my DBA journey”. David Annan, Author and Lecturer, Kazakhstan LinkedIn Profile  

Elisa Simeoni

“SSBM offers high level education with experienced professors and effective learning. This is a great opportunity to boost my career and invest in quality education” Elisa Simeoni, Talent Manager, i-surance, France LinkedIn Profile  

Aser Matter

“The greatest benefit of the program was much more than the “piece of paper”…Thanks to the SSBM for the MBA program, I know that I have all of the tools to be a successful and ethical leader.” Aser Mater, Director, Jaz Hotel Group LinkedIn Profile  

Apostol Georgiev

“Studying at SSBM Geneva has been extremely impactful for the way I look at business organizations. There are so many things I’ve learned…” Apostol Georgiev, Risk consultant at Wells Fargo LinkedIn Profile  

Lisa Tamilia

“I am very impressed with my experience in the DBA program! It is also a great network and collaboration with a professional network of great students around the globe” Business Instructor, USA LinkedIn Profile  

Rohini Ghavari

“I’m very happy with the support of my mentor. It is really amazing and I’m enjoying my journey.” Rohini Ghavari, DBA Student, India LinkedIn Profile  

Abraham G Melgar

“All the programs at SSBM have been wonderful and the teachers were extremely helpful. In my specific case, the course that helped me pay for the entire MBA degree and set the foundation for my financial well-being in life is the finance course at SSBM” Abraham Melgar, Country Sales Manager, Bolivia LinkedIn Profile