Professional Certificate in Ethical Hacking


Professional Certificate in Ethical Hacking

 Duration 3-4 weeks           Language English         Skill level Beginner
 Lectures 9                           Certificate Yes               Full Lifetime access 

The objective of this certificate program is to delve into the realm of ethical hacking, encompassing both fundamental principles and advanced techniques. Proficiency in ethical hacking is essential to safeguard digital assets, ensure data security, and maintain the integrity of systems. This program aims to equip students with the skill set required to excel in these aspects. Key areas and modules covered in this course encompass the essential qualities of an ethical hacker, the core responsibilities associated with ethical hacking, methods for selecting and prioritizing hacking targets, development of comprehensive attack strategies and budgets, establishment of a proficient hacking team, effective project management strategies, rigorous quality control processes, and comprehensive risk assessment and management techniques.

Throughout the certificate program, a diverse range of teaching methodologies will be employed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of ethical hacking. These methodologies will encompass fundamental knowledge dissemination, practical exercises to apply acquired concepts, case studies that mimic real-world scenarios, individual exploration of practical applications, and collaborative group and team projects to simulate real hacking scenarios.

Certificate Price


This certificate program in ethical hacking is tailor-made for individuals aspiring to cultivate their expertise in cybersecurity, elevate their ethical hacking skills, and adopt a systematic and standards-driven methodology in the realm of ethical hacking. It is ideally suited for those who aspire to excel in the field of cybersecurity, enhance their proficiency in ethical hacking practices, and aim to advance their careers by assuming roles as professional ethical hackers. Additionally, the program equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue coveted certifications, such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), which are highly recognized and valued in the cybersecurity industry, opening doors to a wide array of career opportunities in the field.



    Course start: Anytime
    Language: English
    Duration: 3-4 weeks (depends on your pace)
    Format: Online
    Commitment: 7 – 10 hours per week
    Certificate: Awarded by SSBM Geneva
    Fee: 799 EUR


Upon successful completion of this ethical hacking course, you will acquire a comprehensive skill set enabling you to:

  • Establish a solid foundation in the fundamentals of ethical hacking.
  • Recognize and analyze the organizational factors and various phases within the ethical hacking project life cycle.
  • Navigate and effectively utilize key project management processes tailored specifically for ethical hacking scenarios.
  • Proficiently initiate ethical hacking projects, laying the groundwork for ethical hacking endeavors.
  • Craft meticulous plans for ethical hacking projects, encompassing essential aspects such as time management, budget allocation, quality assurance, and communication strategies.
  • Develop comprehensive strategies for managing risks, procurement, and stakeholder engagement within the ethical hacking context.
  • Execute ethical hacking projects with precision, ensuring adherence to defined scopes, schedules, and budgets.
  • Maintain meticulous control over ethical hacking projects, constantly monitoring progress and financial aspects.
  • Conclude ethical hacking projects seamlessly, delivering results and closing out the project with efficiency.

This course equips you with the expertise needed to excel in the field of ethical hacking, from project initiation to successful completion, and empowers you with the knowledge and skills to safeguard digital systems and data against malicious threats.




 Introduction to Ethical Hacking
 Ethical Hacking Process
 Scanning and Vulnerability Assessment
 Exploitation
 Network Storage
 Exploit
 Buffer Overflow
 Developing exploits


This course is presented entirely online.
Modules can be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

This interactive, supportive teaching model is designed for busy professionals and results in unprecedented certification rates for online courses.


All reading materials for this course will be made accessible to you through the SSBM Online Learning Portal. Notes for each module are often downloadable, and you are able to save your current learning status and continue whenever you like.


Upon successful completion of the certificate you will be awarded with a diploma delivered by SSBM Geneva.

What will this certificate program bring to your career?

  • Build the Skills to Get Job Ready
  • Hands-On Project
  • Earn a Career Credential
  • Gain ethical hacking skills
  • Get a holistic understanding of how ethical hacking
  • Be able to apply ethical hacking tools
  • Develop ethical hacking skills

Is this certificate for you?

This certificate program in ethical hacking is tailored for individuals with hands-on experience in cybersecurity and digital defense, regardless of whether they hold formal positions as ethical hackers. It caters to those who may not possess formal project management certifications but have garnered practical insights from their roles. What distinguishes this program is its strong emphasis on the pragmatic application of various ethical hacking tools and methodologies employed in real-world scenarios, setting it apart from courses that predominantly delve into theoretical aspects.

Upon completion of this certificate, participants will emerge with significantly enhanced ethical hacking skills, grounded in a formalized and standards-driven approach to the discipline. This newfound expertise not only equips them to excel in their current roles but also paves the way for career progression into formal ethical hacking positions.

This certificate will bring you a diploma: “Professional Certificate in Ethical Hacking” that is delivered by SSBM Geneva.

Student Testimonials

  • I chose to study at SSBM, because it gives me flexibility to combine online and onsite learning.

  • The thing I like the most is definitely the possibility to organize studying time on my own, as well as the deadlines for all the projects. The whole program is very approachable and easy to follow.

  • SSBM truly offers high quality education. The course material allows you to apply academic theory to real-world examples from the global business world in an easy manner.

  • I am quite impressed with the program, most importantly the quality of the education and the professors. It has been wonderful and I would recommend the program. I also gained and increased my productivity as a manager

  • I chose SSBM as an excellent continuation of my education and combining my professional knowledge with theory and practice of the lectures. SSBM allows flexibility with my personal life and professional life as well as achieving my goals.

Programme structure

The primary objective of this ethical hacking certificate program is to delve into both fundamental and advanced aspects of cybersecurity. Proficiency in ethical hacking is paramount to safeguarding digital assets and ensuring the security and integrity of systems. The program’s core aim is to acquaint students with the diverse array of techniques required to excel in this field. Fundamental topics and modules covered encompass the qualities inherent to an effective ethical hacker, the standard responsibilities of an ethical hacking professional, the meticulous process of selecting hacking targets, creating detailed attack schedules and budgets, assembling adept hacking teams, efficient project management, rigorous quality assurance measures, comprehensive risk assessment, and mitigation strategies, and more. By mastering these facets, students will be well-equipped to navigate the complex world of ethical hacking, ultimately fortifying digital landscapes against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

During the certificate program variety of teaching methods will be used: from basic explanations of terms and concepts, exercises, working on case studies, individual work in finding the application of the presented knowledge and group/team work on the project.



The total fee* for the certificate is: 799 EUR

*There are no other hidden costs.


There are no formal prerequisites for this certificate program.

Programme structure

  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Ethical Hacking Process
  •  Scanning and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Exploitation
  • Network Storage
  • Exploit
  • Buffer Overflow
  • Developing exploits

Course will cover each topic with several online video lectures. At the end you will have to do a practical project. After each lecture, students are strongly encouraged to practice the related topics of each lecture in corresponding lab exercises.


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